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imaginary subjects, surface pattern design

Fanciful Mushi Tree
Fanciful Garden
Fanciful Pom Pom Tree
Fanciful Octopus In Olive Tree
Fanciful Octopus Ink Treasure and Octopus
Fanciful Chrysalis
Fanciful Floating Fish2
Fanciful Magical Fish
Fanciful Memory1
Fanciful Owls
Fanciful River
Fanciful Collage New Growth
Fanciful Collage Passion
Fanciful Collage Plant Grow Roots
Fanciful Collage Spring Fever
Fanciful Collage Stray Wanderings
Fanciful Collage Wisdom
Fanciful SPD Chinoiserie
Fanciful SPD Ottoman Swag Border
Fanciful SPD Ottoman
Fanciful Sandpipers
Fanciful Silent Bobette
Fanciful Sketchbook Katydid
Fanciful Sketchbook Nasturtiums
Fanciful Unfurling
Fanciful Figure It Looks Like
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