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Card Pack | Rural Homesteads

An assortment of six blank greeting cards with envelopes packaged in a Gift Folio box.


Titles of the cards:

  • Greenville Arms, Greenville, NY
  • Andrews Produce,Pompey NY
  • Ellis Hollow Road, Ithaca, NY
  • West Fulton, NY
  • Berry Rd, Fabius NY
  • The Point, Glenora, NY

Card Pack | Rural Homesteads


    • The cards are made from heavy card stock with a matte finish.
    • The packaging is made of heavy card stock.
    • The envelopes (size A7) are either cream or white.


    • The image on the front is borderless.
    • The back has the Bounding Bee logo and the title of the image.
    • The inside of the card is blank.
    • These are fine art reproductions of watercolors by Lucie Wellner.


    Printed and assembled in the USA by an eco-conscious company. They also let their employees bring their pets to work and foster cats when possible.

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