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Woman with Suitcases

Luggage requirements

KLM Airlines (Delta)

  • 1 carry-on bag

    • 21.5 x 13.5 x 10 inch

  • 1 small personal item

    •  16 x 12 x 6 inches

  • Max. combined weight

    •  26 pounds


We get a meal on the overseas part of the trip on KLM


For a city-centric trip, a small rolling hard-shell suitcase is best.

  • The new hard-case ones are very light.

  • They are easier than a big backpack that serves as your main luggage and a bit better in the rain. Also easier to pack.

The cons of a backpack:

  • not good in crowded areas like busses and lines because it takes up too much room and zippers can be opened.

  • Too tiring to have 22 pounds on your back.

  • Too complicated to take it on and off for sitting and in cramped bathroom stalls.

  • Too cumbersome to have your purse handy while carrying a heavy backpack.

The best combination:

  • a small hard-case rolling suitcase with 4 wheels.

  • A small purse that has a strap long enough to cross over so that it sits in the front: essential for walking around in the cities to avoid any risk of pickpocketing.

    • The purse has to be big enough to hold your boarding pass, phone, credit cards and passport.

    • But it should be small enough that you are comfortable enough so that you never feel like you have to remove it.

    • I like to keep it on my person on the plane when I go to the the bathroom, it just makes me feel more secure.

  • A small backpack as your carry-on with minimal stuff in it. This will be on the floor at your feet so should be small and squishable, and you can also use it as a pillow against the window.

    • pillow if you need it

    • snack

    • toothbrush

    • it will be handy for our city walks if we want to carry an extra coat

  • To summarize: You will be stylishly and comfortably walking around the airport rolling a tiny suitcase, with a light backpack and your purse containing your precious-ables accessible in front, so you can whip out documents easily.


Baby Clothes


A coat that is waterproof, and a warm layer for under it. I have an oversized rain coat that I can wear with a light down jacket. Both compress very small.


  • Hat

  • Gloves

  • Socks

  • Slippers or equivalent

  • Long sleeved t-shirts and layers

  • I found that with my down jacket, I didn't need bulky sweaters. I had one, plus a fleece and I didn't wear them. But I wore my lightweight sweater a lot.


  • 2 or three pairs of pants


  • One pair of shoes that goes with everything that you can wear on the plane, walk in museums and cobblestone streets.

  • Sneakers are great as long as you can wear them in light rain and they keep your feet warm and dry.



People are generally dressed casually (But don't look like dirtbags) and dress up for dinner a notch.

Your Phone

Girl Laying by Pool

Get your phone ready for Europe

  • Bring a USB plug. Lucie has adapters.


  • Download the KLM Airlines app

  • Lucie has two extra sim cards that will work in Europe. You can put them in the phone and people will be able to call you. Or, it might be a good idea (less expensive) to get simm cards at the airport from Vodaphone so you can more easily do whatsapps. Sometimes they come with a package to call the us.

  • Before you leave, you can download offline maps for the places we'll be visiting.

  • Download "Splitwise" or whatever we decide to use



Get Cash

Best way to get cash is to get it from a ATM at the airport or in a city in Europe. Lucie has cards that will definitely work in case Hema's and Jennifer's don't work.


We should install an app like "splitwise" so we don't have to worry about who is paying for what.



Serious Kitten


Travelex Insurance

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