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Frequently Asked Questions



  • Why is shipping so expensive?

  • Answer:
    • Free shipping in the United States on any order above $100
    • If the shipping estimate calculated during checkout is much higher than the actual shipping cost, some shipping costs will be refunded to you.
    • If you live in the local Syracuse area, Lucie can drop your order off, or you can pick it up in Pompey.
    • Shipping is via USPS because everything is shipped from a rural area where the good ol' post office is most accessible.
    • Anything over 12 ounces cannot go First Class Mail, so all products get shipped by default Priority Mail.
    • The card packs are shipped flat rate. 3 packs can fit in a regular flat rate Priority mail envelope. 12 packs can fit in a flat rate medium box, and up to 25 packs can fit in a large flat rate box. 
    • Prints have a dimension more than 12", so they require a "large" envelope or parcel.  This causes the parcel to be more expensive than normal mail. Even the small prints are too large because they are printed on paper that has a dimension larger than 12". If you would like to have me cut down the print so it is less expensive to ship, or if you prefer to use First Class postage (this doesn't include a tracking number) please let me know.




  • How are the paintings priced?

  • Answer:
    • The paintings are priced by size. 
    • The price in the gallery and the price buying it directly from me are the same.




  • Does Lucie entertain visitors in her studio?

  • Answer:
    • I mostly work outdoors but I also work at home. I have a room where I do my work, but all my materials and paintings are stashed in every hard-to-reach nook and cranny of the house. Visits are possible but I need some time to prepare if the visitor desires to look at paintings.


  • Does Lucie teach?

  • Answer:
    • I occasionally teach a small class, but cannot teach from home because I don't have a space conducive for more than one person painting at a time. The best studio space is outside somewhere, so if you would like a plein air session, please let me know. It is preferable if the student has his or her own materials.


  • How long does it take to paint a painting?

  • Answer:
    • It depends on so many things!
    • When I work outside, I try to do it within three hours, or the light changes too much. If I desire a great deal of detail, I may extend my session to include more hours of drawing. I try to resist putting in the shadows until the very end.
    • Sometimes I don't get it all done, or the details require too much fine motor control that can't be done while standing at a wobbly easel, so I will finish it up in my studio. For that I rely on memory and photos. Putting on these final touches will sometimes take days.
    • I will sometimes work exclusively in the studio, from imagination and reference photos. These end up being very detailed paintings that require studies and careful execution, and will take from a few days to several weeks.
    • You may wonder, if a painting is executed quickly outdoors, why would it be the same price as a painting that has taken weeks in the studio? The answer is that paintings are not priced by the time it takes to create them, they are priced by size because there is no rational way to price a painting. Also, painting outdoors comes with some challenges, such as:
      • getting there if it's a remote location.
      • dealing with wind, rain, cold, snow, insects, blazing sun, a rising tide, and traffic.
      • shifting light and shadows.
      • getting chased away by suspicious people
      • general discomfort in some cases (standing on sharp rocks, ignoring shouts and comments from the public, no restroom facilities, standing in a single spot for hours).
    • Despite the list above, painting outdoors is a wonderful experience and compensates for any discomforts!
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