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Lucie Wellner is a central New York State artist who has been painting using watercolors since 1997. Her formal training is in Surface Pattern design, which led to 15 years of designing dinnerware. She was raised and still lives in a part of the state that has an abundance of rolling hills, dairy farms, woods, fields, wildflowers and trees; their presence influences her daily life and painting.



Syracuse University  MFA 2000


Rutgers University  MCRP Masters in regional Planning 1992


Syracuse University  BA College of Arts & Sciences, Geography/Cartography



Special Award  Gallery Committee, Rome Art Community Center, 2007


Elsie M. Birch Memorial Prize for Watercolor  Cooperstown National 2003



While drawing or painting, I find that the background static, the mind’s busyness which we all share to some degree, recedes a little and opens a space for my work. In addition to my aim of documenting something significant to me, I find challenge in the use of materials, of making the final result look the way I imagine it should. But I also take advantage of the gifts the process offers, allowing the painting to take shape into something unexpected. Through focus and concentration, and the elimination of self-doubt, I find immense enjoyment in this fulfillment of aesthetic desire. After a few hours work, I feel rested, fresh and ready to make more.


And the more I paint, the more I understand the subjects I’m observing or thinking about. The more art I produce, the more other artists’ work appeals to and communicates to me. Thanks to them and my own work, my eye is sharpened, my spirit refreshed and I find myself on the threshold of new understandings in the immediate world. Watercolor is the product of an evanescent moment in time—fleeting and difficult to capture but fulfilling in its pursuit. 


I hope to channel the view, person, obsession or thing into form and light onto paper. Landscape is particularly enticing to me because in addition to offering the pleasure of being out of doors, it is where light can be at its fullest or most subtle. In watercolors, color is subsumed under the force of light, revealing a reality that is both concrete and luminous, holding an aura that draws the viewer into the world of the painting. There I hope the viewer will have a chance to “see” deeply into the texture of reality and aspects of nature.


Sharing a moment in time: why paint from life? 

It’s the difference between a studio recording versus a live concert. For example, an opera is always better when listened to live – you get to see the singers sweat and make all kinds of faces. Same with the local bar band – it always is better live (but is that because of what is served at the bar?)


I search for evidence of a live performance in a watercolor painting. John Singer Sargent painted his watercolors from life – There are photos of him uncomfortably seated in the tall grasses battling too much sun, bugs, and humidity. You can see evidence of all this in his paintings from the vantage point, the netting over the women’s faces, and the bright light. They had to be done quickly in order to capture the mood and light. You also see his process: For example, he might note a strong horizontal line early on in the painting, because that was what he focused on in the initial composition, but then later, he realizes he omitted a tree that partially obscures that line, so he paints it in. Because watercolor is transparent, you can see the line behind the tree. This helps show a passage of time and a process. It’s enjoyable to the viewer – it gives more substance to a painting, more than just the illusion of a landscape on a flat piece of paper. It’s a document of a moment in time, not just of a subject matter.




Cazenovia Counterpoint, July 2019

Gandee Gallery 10th Anniversary Show, Summer 2019

Lush Watercolors: Class held at Everson Museum (Syracuse, NY)

Imagine, December 2017, Skaneateles, NY 

Baltimore Woods September, 2015, Marcellus, NY 


Wanderlust  Winter, 2015 at Gandee Gallery, Fabius, NY


New Woodstock Free Library  Fall, 2014


Renewal  June, 2014 at Gandee Gallery


All Creatures Great and Small  October 2013 at Gandee Gallery


Bloom  Summer, 2013 at Gandee Gallery, Fabius, NY


Plank Road Magazine Cover   Summer, 2013 


Holiday Show  December, 2012 at Gandee Gallery, Fabius, NY


Harvest Show  October, 2012 at Gandee Gallery, Fabius, NY


Visions of Skaneateles  August, 2012 at Imagine, Skaneateles, NY


Watercolor Painting Class at Beaver Lake - September, 2012


Everson 60/60  Everson Museum, Syracuse NY,  2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


Petit Library  October 2011, Syracuse, NY


Art Rocks  2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 Clinton, NY   


Watercolor Painting Class at Everson  June, 2011


In the Garden -Spring/Summer 2011 at the Gandee Gallery, Fabius, NY


Petit Library - "Through the Eyes of Women" ("Daydream") - March 2010, Syracuse, NY


Liverpool Library  February 2010, Liverpool, NY


Gandee Gallery  Holiday Show, Fabius, NY, 2010, 2011, 2012


Plowshares  Peace Council at Nottingham High School, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


A Sense of Place  October 2009 at the Gandee Gallery, Fabius, NY


Downtown Central Library  September 2009, Syracuse, NY  


Health Science Center Library  August 2010 and March 2009, Syracuse, NY


National Watercolor Society All Member Show  May 2 to 29 2009, San Pedro, CA


Red River Watercolor Society National Show  April 13 to June 19 2009, Hjemkomst Center, MN


Limestone Framing and Art Gallery  April 30 to June 4 2009, Fayetteville, NY


The 28th Annual Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors  Old Forge, NY Fall 2009


Westcott Art Trail   June, 2009, Westcott Area, Syracuse, NY


Rome Art and Community Center January 2009


Cooperstown National  2003, 2008, Cooperstown, NY


Va va Bloom  April 2008, Dickman Farms, Auburn NY


H2O NY  June 2008 at the Limestone Gallery, Fayetteveille, NY


Rome Art and Community Center 2007


Featured Artist at Artistic Innovations Gallery 2003


Cultural Resource Council  Syracuse, NY  2001, 2003, 2007


Lowe Art Gallery MFA Show, Syracuse University 2000


Gallery 210 Syracuse 2000


Arnot Art Museum  Elmira 2000

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