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Acadia Watercolors      $18.00

Tidal Pool at Great Head
Rocky Slabs on the Way to Great Head
Near Thunder Hole
Northeast Harbor
Looking Toward Sand Beach from Ocean Path
Looking Toward Otter Point from Great Head

Adirondack Water      $18.00

Tupper Lake
Boquet River
Near Moss Cliff
Sacandaga, East Branch
Mossy Rocks by Scriver Lane
Eagle Falls

Adirondack Woods Watercolors      $18.00

Avalanche Lake
Spring Woods
The Courthouse Cliff
Mount Gilligan
Spidersweb Birches

Bagatelles      $18.00




Spring Fever

Stray Wanderings


Barns Watercolors      $18.00

Pompey Center Road, Pompey, NY
Greenville, NY
Fabius, NY
Ameslea Dairy on Clark Hollow Road, Lafayette, NY
Oran Delphi Road, Pompey, NY
Welitschinsky Barn in Cuyler, NY

Blossoms      $18.00

Show Biz (Study)

Vase Study


Cinco de Mayo (Study)

Rainbow Knockout (Study)

Madame Pierre Oger (Study)

Cactus Watercolors      $18.00

Claret Cup
Prickly Pear on Myt Lemmon Trail
Prickly Pear
Claret Cup in Bloom

Cazenovia Watercolors      $18.00

Albany Street

Lakeland park

Carpenter Pond with Ruthie


Cazenovia Village

20 East

Central New York Watercolors      $18.00

Ridge Road, Pompey, NY

Farm on Rt. 365, Floyd, NY

View of Quaker Basin, DeRuyter, NY

Jerome Road in the Fall, Fabius, NY
Cemetery Road, Pompey, NY

Rawley-Jerome road Road, Fabius, NY

CNY Water Folio Cover.jpg

Central New York Water Watercolors      $18.00

Sterling Beach, Lake Ontario, NY
Tracy Lake Looking East, Tully NY
Tracy Lake, Tully NY
Lake Ontario near Chimney Bluffs, Lake Ontario, NY
Lakeland Park Inlet, Cazenovia NY
Glimmerglass | Otsego Lake, Cooperstown, NY

The Coast Watercolors      $18.00

Cove at Festvag, Norway

Looking Toward Otter Point, Acadia
Norwegian Coast

House on the Point, Henningsvær, Norway

Spanish Coast

Great Head, Acadia

Fields and Meadows Watercolors      $18.00

Purcell Road, Pompey, NY

East Keeney Road, Truxton, NY
Looking NW from Rt 20, Pompey, NY
View from Skyline Drive, Clinton, NY

Swift Road, Pompey, NY

Bush Road, Pompey, NY

Fields and Meadows Watercolors      $18.00

White Lilies
Siberian Iris
Jeanette’s Rose

Garden Blooms      $18.00

White Bouquet

Forest Leaves

June Flowers
Lilies, Foxgloves, and Sun Drops
Dried Larch Boughs and Rose Hips

Hydrangeas, Crabapples, and Milkweed Husks

Greece Watercolors      $18.00

Arginonta, Kalymnos
Thoris' Boat, Kalymnos
View from Paul's Villa, Kalymnos
Emporios with a Boat, Kalymnos
Little Harbor, Emborios, Kalymnos
First Day at Secret Beach, kalymnos

Idaho Watercolors      $18.00

Serene Little Glade
View at City of Rocks
First Day
Windy Day at Transformer Rock
Desert Grasses

Joshua Tree Watercolors      $18.00

View of Distant Mountain
Rock Shadows
Echo Cove
The Capstone
Indian Cove

Norway's Lofoten Islands      $18.00

Blue Boat, Henningsvær
View from Point, Henningsvær
Harbor at Henningsvær
Farms in Lofoten Islands
Jellyfish Row
Svolvær Geita

E. M. Mills Rose Garden Watercolors      $18.00

Mid-day in July
Open House
June Roses
Rainy Day Roses

Volunteer Day
Rainbow Knockout (Study)

Rural Homesteads      $18.00

Greenville Arms, Greenville, NY
Andrews Produce,Pompey NY
Ellis Hollow Road, Ithaca, NY
West Fulton, NY

Berry Rd, Fabius NY
The Point, Glenora, NY

Skaneateles Watercolors      $18.00

Skaneateles Village
View of Skaneateles Lake
Skaneateles Library
Fishing at the Pier
Skaneateles Lake from the Docks

Watercolors of Tropical Fish      $18.00

Orange Goldfish
Fish Floating in the Hallway
Silent Bobette Drinking
Magical Fish
Silent Bobette Swimming

White Goldfish

Views of Central New York      $18.00

Owasco Lake, Auburn, NY
View from Henneberry Road, Pompey, NY
Pompey Center Road, Pompey, NY
View from S Curve (Study), Rt 91, Fabius, NY
View from Hang Glider Hill, Labrador Hollow, NY
County Road 53, Cooperstown, NY

Watercolors      $18.00

Pompom Tree



Winter Watercolors      $18.00

View from Way Road, Pompey, NY

Pine Cone
View from No. 4 Road, Pompey, NY

Limestone Creek Tributary, Pompey, NY

Dennison Road, Fabius, NY

Winter Berries

Woodlands Watercolors      $18.00

Pompey Woodlands
Barry Park, Syracuse, NY
Harris Road, Fabius, NY
Vincent Corners Willows, Fabius, NY
Pump Station at Highand Forest, Fabius, NY
Creek off Indian Hill Road, Pompey, NY